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ICS lets New Zealand companies in an “easy to deal with” way access the software, IT, Telecommunication excellence of all Sub-continent.We believe we can more than match the quality of any IT company in New Zealand. We know we are faster. We are certain no one can match us for the price.


Information and Communications Services PTY New Zealand owned by (ICS)

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Residential Voice Solutions


VoIP Home Phone Line.

Cut your cost for up to 50%  National and International Phone Calls, through Internet Line, we provide wireless handset and desk VoIP phones, with International National calls lowest call rates. 

FTTH / DOCSIS / Metro Ethernet / 4G Operators can offer the following services to their Residential Subscribers:

  • Group Housing / Community Intercom Service.
    • Inter Apartment / House Calling over IP networks with customized Intercom Numbers based on Building / Tower / Apartment number for easy recall.
    • Intra Group Calls as well as Inter Group Calls.
    • Both Numeric as well as Alpha Numeric CLIs can be allotted to the subscribers.
  • Landline Voice Service.
    • Real PSTN numbers can be allotted to the subscribers who wish to take Landline Voice over IP Service.
    • Prepaid & Postpaid Billing Packages can be allocated to the subscribers.
    • Both Intercom CLI and PSTN CLI are allotted to the same subscriber account. Based on whether the subscriber has made an Intercom Call or a PSTN Call, the required CLI is passed on.
  • SIP Connectivity for SIP Video Camera’s, Door Phones, Paging Systems etc. within

the Community.

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