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ICS lets New Zealand companies in an “easy to deal with” way access the software, IT, Telecommunication excellence of all Sub-continent.We believe we can more than match the quality of any IT company in New Zealand. We know we are faster. We are certain no one can match us for the price.


Information and Communications Services PTY New Zealand owned by (ICS)

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Support & Knowledge Transfer

¨        ICS Technical Support Team is available 24*365 to its Customers globally from its Global Support Center, Chennai, India.

¨    ICS provides Level 3 Product Support to its customers who are responsible for Level 1 Call Center and Level 2 NOC Support.

¨    Each query / issue is reported to ICS through a Trouble Ticketing system for proper tracking, monitoring and closure.

¨    ICS Support team can be reached through our CRM Portal, Telephone, Email and Various IM Services.

¨    ICS will adhere to mutually agreeable time frames for Problem Acknowledgement, Status Response and Software Updates.

¨    These SLAs will be applicable on the products provided by ICS and not on the Hardware & other systems procured by the Customer directly.



¨        ICS provides a 5-day Onsite Training and Knowledge Transfer to the customer’s NOC and Support Staff.

¨    The customer can get any number of participants during this training period.

¨    The training will cover the basic and advance knowledge of the system including functional description of its building blocks, future expansion facilities, improvements, system analysis, installation practices, failure analysis, operation and maintenance requirements, detailed theoretical and practical instructions on fault-finding and restoration of services. In the end, an assessment of the participants will be conducted to understand the gaps if any for an independent operation of the platform.

¨    The Onsite Training will be augmented with a Detailed Administration Guide of the entire Platform and Tutorial videos which can be referred to on an ongoing basis for understanding the system details and troubleshoot any problems.

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