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ICS lets New Zealand companies in an “easy to deal with” way access the software, IT, Telecommunication excellence of all Sub-continent.We believe we can more than match the quality of any IT company in New Zealand. We know we are faster. We are certain no one can match us for the price.


Information and Communications Services PTY New Zealand owned by (ICS)

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VoIP Logging

This service only provide the companies, having Legal License Country wise.

Capacity of thousands of Simultaneous Calls with a HA architecture.

¨         100% Software running on commodity hardware.

¨         Call Recording Solutions:

    • Operators can record calls from / to a certain Region if required by law.
    • Operators can offer Call Recording as an additional VAS service to their Mobile / Landline Consumers and Enterprise Customers (including PRIs / SIP Trunks etc.), if approved by law.
    • Large Enterprises can use the Platform as a Voice Logger working in tandem with their existing PBXs.

¨         Voice Lawful Intercept Solutions:

    • Enables authorized personnel of the Security Agencies to put certain subscribers under surveillance, listen to the calls made/received by them in real-time and record conversations for future retrieval.
    • Multiple LI Agencies can intercept a call with Provisioning interfaces and access rights provided only to Interceptors.

Transparent monitoring – subscribers are not aware of their calls being monitored.

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