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ICS lets New Zealand companies in an “easy to deal with” way access the software, IT, Telecommunication excellence of all Sub-continent.We believe we can more than match the quality of any IT company in New Zealand. We know we are faster. We are certain no one can match us for the price.


Information and Communications Services PTY New Zealand owned by (ICS)

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FREEVEE VoIP APP, works in 148 countries, including Middle East

WE provide reseller-ship world wide any country, you just need a computer and internet connectivity,

ICS, FreeVee, VoIP has conceived one of the most diversified, logical, user-friendly reseller partnerships in the industry. Since we provide you with a network of servers across the globe, you can set up your own phone company and start selling a vast range of phone services and features to homes and businesses of any size without having to invest in your own network. Additionally, our white-label software platform lets you create your own branding using all the tools you need to set up, manage and generate revenues for your VoIP company.

Contact us via, www.icsservices.nz site, what,s Up Messenger or fill the form at contact us. 

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Class 5 Telecom Switch, enable, billing, recharge, top-up, own App for end-users, Most advance VoIP switch 



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